10 Influencing Tenets that Drive Us

There are 10 Influencing Tenets. Each one is hard at work influencing our behaviors, our actions, and even our failures to act.

Sometimes they drive us to success, sometimes they drive us to distraction, othertimes they drive us crazy, but they are always driving us.

Master these and you’ll master people – the ones at the office, the ones at home, and the one in your shoes.

10 Influencing Tenets

1. We all think the world revolves around us.

2. We desperately need meaning in our lives and our work.

3. We are dying to make a difference.

4. We want to win, not lose.

5. We crave control.

6. We urgently want to feel as though we are important.

7. We have an insatiable appetite to be respected, appreciated, valued, and heard.

8. We are at risk of succumbing to the herd.

9. We allow our beliefs and thoughts to dictate our ambitions and perseverance.

10. We dreadfully fear rejection.

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