Day 11 – Storm Chasing from Atkinson to Reidsville, Georgia

We cycled 76 miles in the scorching sun, through a torrential downpour, over miles of rumble strips, and into lightning. It was not an uneventful day!

Storm Chasers

By noon the thermometer on my GPS read “108 degrees” in the direct sun. But it dropped to 74 within the hour as we witnessed the storm brewing ahead. I light-heartedly said “Let’s ride until it pours.” And then it did. Within 5 minutes the rain dumped from the sky, the thunder crackled, and the lightning came crashing down around us. We quickly ran into a ditch and waited for Noonie to rescue us. We then sat in the RV for an hour waiting for the storm to pass. It stopped as fast as it had started, and the roads dried immediately with the renewed heat. We were delayed but not derailed.



I am crazy about dogs, but the dogs around here are just downright crazy. At least 12 of them tried running us out of town today, 5 more chased us from behind fences, and 4 would have eaten us alive but the leash attached to their necks saved us. At one point a pack of 6 Jack Russell Terriers chased us down the street. I need to purchase some dog treats to distract them…


Connections and Interviews

Our day started with two women at a healthcare center brushing us away because they were concerned about losing their job if they told us what they loved about it. Hmmm. That spoke volumes… With that, the bar was low, so we took off ready for anything! Here are the wonderful people we met today…


Brenda – a gas station clerk in Jessup who loves that the community visits her every day. As we were chatting, a former colleague, Filton walked in. They worked together in 1993 and are still friends.


Filton – a retired General Manager for a hotel who loved meeting people from all over the world. He now busies himself with 24 grandkids.


Deniece – a Rural Letter Carrier who has been delivering mail in Jessup for 25 years. She loves seeing the best and the worst of the weather, loves being outside every day among nature, and loves that she gets to deliver good news to people. When you watch her interview ( you’ll understand why someone at the Jessup Post Office astutely did not restrain this bundle of sunshine in a back office position!


Danielle – a gas station clerk who just started her job but is looking forward to meeting new people in this role.


Reggie – Assistant Manager of the Gordonia State Park who has worked for the park for 23 years and loves the outdoors and loves teaching kids about the park and about nature. What makes him stand out in his job is his flexibility – he knows just about everything there is to know about the park and will gladly maintain, service, and fix anything to keep it in fabulous condition.


Watch the Videos and Join the Virtual Ride Contest to Win in an iPad

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The contest is on! In our first week we have had over 300 views on The Moxie Ride channel on YouTube. People are voting for their favorites – have you? You can also join the contest – just upload your own video and invite your friends to vote for you when it’s posted.


Some interesting sights today:

* The Crummy Cemetery (see the picture the right)

* Peach trees

* A cabbage patch

* 5 turtles (alive) and resting on a log

* More drivers waving “hello!”

* Hills (933 feet of climbing today!)

* gnats gnats and more gnats

* Speaking of….we saw 2 flying confederate flags (Jeff asked where the Mason Dixon line was. I said not here!)


Today’s Stats

Day 11 miles: 76.00

Total miles: 743.32

Day 11 road kill count: 14 (including remnants of an armadillo – that makes 6 in a row!)

Total road kill count: 168

Day 11 weather high: 108 degrees (which then dropped immediately to 74 in the storm)

Ascent: 933 feet (we strapped on our first climbing legs today)


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