Day 15 – Cycled 100 Miles, Crossed 1,000-Mile Mark from Moncks Corner to Conway, SC

It was a crisp, cool 57 degrees when we launched our century ride at 6:25am. We were determined, intentional, undeterred, relentless, and perseverant! We crossed not only the 100-mile mark for the day, we crossed the 1,000-mile mark for the entire ride. It was a watershed day!


Jeff’s First Century

Before today Jeff had never cycled 100 miles in one day so we set out to check this off his bucket list. And our prior 14 days of cycling proved to be fantastic training, as neither of us felt anything other than resolutely fearless, strong, and resilient all day! Personally, I so enjoyed sharing in Jeff’s delight as he achieved this momentous accomplishment! Noonie and I celebrated with him tonight over wine and steak at Angelo’s in Myrtle Beach. (Here’s a picture of Jeff I took while cycling beside him.)



It’s All About the Mindset

I’m not sure what’s more important – my physical strength or my mindset. My legs powered me through the miles but my state of mind set me up for success. I went to bed last night knowing that today was the century, and I woke at 5:30 eager and energized for it. While we stayed focused on our 12-miles-to-Noonie stretches, we also stayed committed to reaching 100 miles. With that frame of mind, it never occurred to us that we might not reach it.


Every day on the ride, I start with a number that I’m aiming for. If my number at the beginning of a day is 64, I will cycle all day until I reach 64. But if Noonie were to tell me at mile 64 that my number is actually 97, I would probably tell her that I’m not in the head for 97. I don’t know that I would be able to physically and emotionally cycle another mile, let alone another 33.


Imagine the innumerable feats we could accomplish and achieve if we established at the outset our state of mind for success. Stopping short would not be an option. That’s how we attacked today, and that’s why we were victorious.


Connecting with Interesting People

*  In Conway, we met Brian, the Battalion Chief for the Horry County Fire Rescue. Brian loves his job because of his ability to influence change and mentor new firefighters. What makes him remarkable is that he strives to treat everyone as he does his mother (whom he adores).


*  At dinner we met James, the now-retired turn-around CEO who loved his job because he mentored managers into leaders and found potential in every workforce he led. (I think I have found my own mentor – I could have talked with James for hours about my favorite topics. I might be making another trip to Myrtle Beach this year…)


Check out these and other interviews on The Moxie Ride channel on YouTube and “like” any and all of your favorites! Then submit your own video. You might win an iPad just by telling us what you love about your job!


Today’s Stats:

Day 15 miles: 100.13

Total miles: 1,030.21

Day 15 road kill count: 13 (including a dog, 2 turtles, and Bambi)

Total road kill count: 207

Total ascent: 725 feet

Tomorrow’s plan….our first day off in 15 days will be spent in Myrtle Beach!

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  1. Donna says:

    Congrats to u and Jeff….u deserve a day at the beach! My friend was complaining that her triathlon bike was increased for 12 miles to 18 miles and I reminded her of your ride and to suck it up! Be careful and take care of yourselves! My love to rob when u see him! So proud of u!

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