Day 18 – Benevolent Cycling from Fort Fisher to Jacksonville, NC

Every day I announce the word-of-the-day from and Merriam-Webster and, if we like it, we work it into conversation. Today’s word-of-the-day was “benevolent” and it worked itself into our day.


Benevolent in Action

Cycling through Wilmington, we stopped at an intersection and we quickly moved to the side when we realized that we were blocking a car from turning right. But the man driving the car not only didn’t honk at us, he inched up, rolled down his window and recommended that we cycle straight on the current road to avoid the traffic we’d hit if we turned right. We took that great advice and enjoyed a lovely road.


Then as we were waiting for the light at an intersection in Hampstead looking up at the storm clouds brewing overhead, a man rolled down his window to let us know that he just checked the radar and the sky was going to open up in 5 minutes but that the rain would last only about 15 minutes. With that benevolent advice we cycled to the RV before it poured, jumped in and waited until the rain stopped.


Dean Daniels

We started our day with sunshine at the shipyards in Wilmington. Dean is a tank operator who is responsible for driving a Shuttle Wagon on the train tracks to move rail cars for quicker loading. What Dean loves about his job is the significance it has. As he described it in his wonderful video, he is responsible for helping farmers get their fertilizer faster, and that only happens if the trains are loaded and ready to go when the engine becomes available. What makes him remarkable is his desire to help others.

I was almost speechless by Dean’s answer. This is exactly the purpose of our mission – to inspire people to relate differently to their jobs by recognizing the difference they make with their work. Most people in Dean’s job would say, “I move train cars and I love being outdoors.” Not Dean. He is one special spirit.


The Non-Interview Interview with Nameless

On the flip side we introduced ourselves to a UPS driver (who will remain nameless) who insisted that he would be reprimanded if he shared with us what he loves about his job. Wow. What kind of message did his manager deliver that the driver was left with that fear? Guess I’ll work on finding a FedEx driver…


Jeff, Nancy, and Bernie

We cycled a few miles with Jeff Bradley today, as he too is on his way to Bar Harbor.  His energetic wife Nancy and his adorable mother-in-law Bernie are driving his support vehicle. Yesterday, Jeff’s tires got caught in railroad tracks and he fell hitting his head. After 4 hours in the hospital and a good night’s rest, he was back at it today. (As you can see in this picture, nothing is stopping him!) Jeff’s blog is located on and that URL sums it up for me.


Jeff is a retired math professor of a community college in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. What he loved about his job was teaching people who really wanted to learn, and he found an abundance of people hungry to learn in community college. Now he is a math coach helping other teachers be great.


Ms. Bubbling Manager

In Surf City, Noonie met Jessica, a hair stylist and manager of the hair salon New Attitude. What Jessica loves about her job is meeting so many different people every day in a tourist-heavy town. As you can see from her video, her bubbly personality makes her remarkable at her job.


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Today’s Stats

Day 18 miles: 83.46

Total miles: 1,197.68

Day 18 road kill count: 15

Total road kill count: 244

Day 18 interviews: 3

Total interviews: 44

Total flat tires: 4 (Jeff got another one today)

Today’s fun picture: Jeff in the shark’s mouth at Shark Attack

Today’s most interesting sign: “From the little spark may burst a mighty flame”

Tomorrow’s destination: Cedar Island, the start of the Outer Banks

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